Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Melero Currently - flying to Alaska version

current playlist
I found this song in a random spotify mix and really liked it...

Not sure why...I have no idea what the lyrics mean

current triumphs
We got upgraded to first class!!!

Current food

First class airplane food!

current favorite show(s)
been watching a lot of world cup. 

current banes of my existence
I am afraid that after traveling in first class I might not be able to go back to economy class without having my soul die a little bit...

current outfit
Writing this on the plane towards alaska. Wearing my hiking Jacket which still has the theft protection thingy attached to it... And Yoga pants becase  traveling in stretchy pants beats traveling in style.

current excitement
Did I mention I am on my way to  ALASKA??? In first class.?? .. and every time the flight attendant comes out with a new surprise I jump up and down  and take pictures..
So far I got overly  excited about the wet towels, the blue moon beer, the red wine and the gelato.. i just saw some trays with snacks and fruits coming my way .. Squeeeee

current mood
Pretty chill,,, it could be becuase of the red wine and gelato mentioned above..

current wish list item(s)
I realized (too late) that I forgot to pack a hoodie.. and I  also want to get the most ridiculuously big hiking hat that my budget can afford...

current favorite product(s)
Mint and jasmine tea by Numi,,,
They had them in the airport lounge and they are amazing... Somehow a few of them made it to my purse..

current book(s)

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
This one was on the bestseller list for a while, and me being  a trend follower decided to check it out.  
The book is about the life of  Theo , whose mom dies in a terrorist attack  to a NY museum. Theo leaves the scene traumatized and orphan but takes  The famous painting of the goldfinch out ot the museum with him.  The book then follows theo´s life adventures with an stolen piece of art. 
I really liked this one. Reminded me a lot of Great Expectations in style and in how Theo is as annoying as Pip.
My favorite part of the book was Boris, Theo´s childhood friend who is a horrible person overall but who I felt had a good soul... he didn´t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him.
Its a fat one but I recommend it ...

The 5th wave - Rick Yancey
This one has been hyped a lot on the Teenager literature blogs .. (ahem... not that I follow those or anything) as the new Hunger Games/ Divergent saga... so I jumped at it at the first opportunity I  had (a.k.a. after waiting weeks to get it from the hold list in the library)
The story is about an alien invasion to earth on present day. The mothership just shows up and releases four deadhly waves of attacks against humanity. Our main charachter,  "Cassie for Casiopea" survived the four waves and is determined to save her brother before the 5th wave hits...
I liked the  premise a lot. I think the setup is well done and it is definitely a page   turner.
There is a good dose of teenager on Alien romance and it is action packed...The problem I have with it is that it seems too cheesy and repetitive.. the fact that Evan's hands are soft as clouds is  mentioned around 20 times... I KNOW HE HAS PERFECT CUTICLES... STOP  THIS NON SENSE AND START MAKING OUT DAMN IT!!
I will definitely wait for the next one in the series but it didnt impress me that much..

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


(Four months late but here are my panama pics and thoughts for the record)

Highlights from Panama

  • The trip started out stressful because Teddy bought his ticket as "Teddy" and the people at Copa decided that it was nowhere close to his real name and therefore might not be able to board the flight.  After several hours on the phone and a trip to the airport he was able to change his name on the ticket and take his flight without having to pay an extra $1000.
  • After landing we rented a car to drive to the resort area which, according to Google maps, was less than one hour away from the airport.  After getting lost in the scary parts of town, going against traffic,  missing our exit on the highway and  multiple stops along the way to ask for directions, we made it to the resort in only 2.5 hours.  Panama Teddy loved the adventure and he only complained about driving in third world countries about 50 times....Such a trooper.

  • The resort was practically empty which was weird considering that it was high season.  The view from our room was A-MA-ZING (below) . We stayed at the Sheraton Bijao.  The food was not THAT amazing but it was good for an all inclusive. The facilities and amenities were great overall.. 

  • My favorite feature: Beach recliners inside of the pool. Brilliant idea... 

  • Beach chillin' in the shade becuase the sun scares me.  Fun Fact about Panama; The sun  is scrochng hot... I dont remember feeling such a burning sun in my life. I could hear  my skin zizzle like a juicy steak after staying in the sun for 3 minutes...Such a fun fact.

After the beach we spent some time in Panama City and visited some cool places like The Amador Causeway which features delicious seafood

And of course, the Canama Panal.. modern marvel with an equally modern and marvelous IMAX 3D movie..Then we drove by this extremely cool building that locals nickname "el tornillo" *The screw" which I had never seen or heard of and I thought was extremely cool. 

Panama selfie wearing a Panama hat (made in China)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hiking Blue Hills MA

Two weeks before the vacation, we needed to break-in our new hiking boots so we went o Blue Hills for a 2 hour 2 mile hike.
We are apparently very slow hikers.. maybe because we took time to stage scenes from the Lion King 

Although my rock climbing skills were not that great

A problem that apparently Ted "The Billy Goat"  does not share...

We  even ventured off the road to get to a stinky pond which required a thorough  tick check ( and tick freak out)

City Views from the top

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Extremely irrelevant selfies

I found a collection of extremely irrelevant selfies to post. Fair warning: these are as old as they are irrelevant...

Thinking about replacing my regular ear muffs with these amazing Dinosaur accessory.  Winters have never been so fun and fashionable

And to match with a similar discreet style: A new summer Hat
The grand opening of Wegmans was the event of the season

Some random night out. You know you had a fun night when you end up in the bar's bathroom snapping selfies.

Practicing our synchronized intense stare into the camera. 

Kato visited the groomer for his Spring Lion haircut. He attacked the person holding him down and made him bleed profusely. He had to get a bath to clean up the groomer's blood from his fur. He is very pleased with himself.

Apparently I find Fridays extremely exciting.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Books April / May

I usually try to balance my Teenager books with more adult titles but this month all 4 reads are YA...
Here they are ordered from Amazing to Horrid

Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #3)
This is the third and last book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I LOVED  the series  . It has strong and kick ass female characters, suck it Katniss put Karou is my new imaginary best friend from a teenager novel. (Sorry Bella, you never stood a chance)

I admit that it might not be for everyone: It is about Angels and Chimeras so the fantasy element is there. but .. But the narrative is beautiful and the story is totally engaging. The first book is still my favorite but I love the series as a whole. There is romance but the book does not revolve around it, there are way more important things happening in Eretz to worry about love affairs...

Paper Valentine
This one could win the prize of guilty pleasure of the month. It has it all
 Girl who talks to ghosts: Check,
A murder mystery that only teenagers can solve (with the help of said ghosts of course) : Check.
Problematic and trouble teenager with a heard of gold: Check

It is cheesy and a little predictable but I  really enjoyed it and could not put it down.

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)

Another third in a trilogy and what a horrible way to close a trilogy.
The first book was interesting and entertaining, the premise is of a post apocalyptic Chicago in which people are separated in "Factions" based on their personalities. Our heroine Tris turns out to be a divergent which means that she has affinity with more than one faction. this means that her life is in danger because someone is killing the divergent so she must hide... The second book  is kind of boring but the plot thickens and you really really want to know what is behind the city walls...
The third book (Allegiant) is horrid. It took me 5 months to finish it because it was just soooo boring.
The mystery that we have been wondering about for so long is anticlimactic and lame. It turns into a psychological drama ridden with fights and guilt and a lot of rancor.

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)
This one started out with a good premise and the first 50 pages were promising but it became unberable very quickly. The main female character is totally odious, insufferable, rude and despicable. (Are all those synonyms?)   and it is supposed to be set in Victorian England but it just tries too hard and fails too miserably.
Such a waste of my time... I quit when I was abut 75% done and opted for reading the ending on Wikipedia.
Even reading the wikipedia synopsis felt like a waste of my life. THAT BAD/

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life on Everyday selfies - Vol 1

My life lately as told by my iphone selfies
  • The Cherry blossoms come to Boston one month late...better late than never..
  • Tried to go for a run  and I was reminded (the hard way) that running sucks and I hate it.
  • Finally got my paws on "Dreams of Gods and Monsters".. My inner teenager rejoices. I can see sleepless and obsessive reading nights in my near future.

  • Wegmans finally opened on my side of town and as expected, it is made of awesome.

  • Some strange force made me get grapefruit juice even though I hate grapefruit. It was probably the worst decision I made in the last month

  • The weather is extremely Bipolar which has a severe impact on my moods ranging from Happy spring

  • to miserable winter

    • To unruly bad hair... (Which is totally a weather-induced mood)

    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    March in iphone pictures

    I'm trying to put together a  "March  highlights" post by following the trail of pictures on my iphone.
    • Another snow storm to finish off the snow season. 

    • At least I have fashionable accessories to deal with the bad weather

    • VERY cold and VERY Fashionable

    • DC travel during Choki's birthday weekend. Meeting at Rira.  

    • But then I started seeing some Traces of Spring
    • Which made me realize that if the winter was ending, so was the season of cold Snap.
    • And I decided to drink as much cold snap as I could...
    • And I kept true to my commitment
    • Then I went to Panama to escape the winter... and my Copa flight attendant looked like Price Royce...
    • Taking off. Planes are fast, in case you didnt know...
    • when in Panama...Better try Panama Lager...
    • But the weather wasn't getting any better when I came back..

    • So I had to keep up the pursuit of cold snap. Kato proved to be an awesome drinking partner.
    • Two more  Birthday Parties in one Month!.. Thats a total of three in case we were counting.
    • Perfect time to enjoy cold snap
    • But then they decided that it was time for Summer Ale.. :( and this is how the season of the fancy cocktails begins...
    • Spring is springing.
    TLDR: Melero hates the winter and is happy to see it end  but she loves Cold Snap and is kind of sad that she won't get to drink it again until next year..
    And maybe Melero should stop taking pictures of all her drinks... her iphone is starting to think that she is a raging alcoholic..