Sunday, April 13, 2014

March in iphone pictures

I'm trying to put together a  "March  highlights" post by following the trail of pictures on my iphone.
  • Another snow storm to finish off the snow season. 

  • At least I have fashionable accessories to deal with the bad weather

  • VERY cold and VERY Fashionable

  • DC travel during Choki's birthday weekend. Meeting at Rira.  

  • But then I started seeing some Traces of Spring
  • Which made me realize that if the winter was ending, so was the season of cold Snap.
  • And I decided to drink as much cold snap as I could...
  • And I kept true to my commitment
  • Then I went to Panama to escape the winter... and my Copa flight attendant looked like Price Royce...
  • Taking off. Planes are fast, in case you didnt know...
  • when in Panama...Better try Panama Lager...
  • But the weather wasn't getting any better when I came back..

  • So I had to keep up the pursuit of cold snap. Kato proved to be an awesome drinking partner.
  • Two more  Birthday Parties in one Month!.. Thats a total of three in case we were counting.
  • Perfect time to enjoy cold snap
  • But then they decided that it was time for Summer Ale.. :( and this is how the season of the fancy cocktails begins...
  • Spring is springing.
TLDR: Melero hates the winter and is happy to see it end  but she loves Cold Snap and is kind of sad that she won't get to drink it again until next year..
And maybe Melero should stop taking pictures of all her drinks... her iphone is starting to think that she is a raging alcoholic..

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Books..

Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish
 Every single review raves about it and talks about the many wonders of Rakoff. I count not read this book for the life of me and I gave up. It is all written in verse and I found myself reading each phrase five times to make sense of them... The writing is beautiful  without a doubt but its so hard to follow.

The Spectacular Now
My monthly dose of teenager romance. Sutter is the teenager protagonist who can be only defined as an alcoholic train wreck. Sutter meets Aimee, your stereotypical good introverted and a total wallflower. Contrary to the YA expectations, Sutter pretty much turns Aimee into a total alcoholic mess. It was kind of unpredictable and it felt very realistic and down to earth... It would have been much better if one of the main characters was a Vampire...

The Guest Cat
This is a little Japanese tale of a workaholic Japanese couple that start getting visits from their neighbor's cat: Chibi. The Cat is cat and attacks them and would not allow them to pet her and regardless they totally fall for her and start getting life lessons from the wise Chibi...  Its much better than it sounds and I can relate. I love Japanese books and enjoy picturing tatamis and Japanese gardens in my head.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.
This one about Nathaniel P, a  pretentious Ivy league Graduate who is about to publish his first novel. His life is awesome and all the women want to be with him 'cause he is such a desirable bachelor. However, as every pretentious eligible bachelor would, he is a total asshole. The book is pretty much a narration of  his past 5 relationships describing in painful (and sort of funny) detail, how much of an asshole he was to each of them. I hated Nathaniel P immensely but the book is overall good. Would recommend with reservations 

Friday, March 07, 2014

Currently- March 2014 Edition

current favorite product(s)

Nothing says "I love you" better than bloody Gums so Teddy got me a water flosser for Valentine's day. I  love it. It hurts so good. Oral hygiene cannot get any better than this

current playlist

The soundtrack for HBO's Girls. is the perfect soundtrack writing school papers, which have been abundant lately
(For the record, that's exactly how I look when I write papers )

current excitement

Spring break is in less than 15 days!   All inclusive Caribbean beach resort, here I come

current outfit

I am starting to wear the clothes from the back of my closet so that when the time for Spring cleaning comes I don't feel compelled to donate them. Hey! I wore this one at least once  last year! 
Today: Chinese silk shirt  
tomorrow: Japanese Kimono...

current banes of my existence

We are already in March and I still feel like this cat.

 current favorite quote or verse

current triumphs

I have been working towards my goal of learning to write with the left hand.
I am making amazing progress

current food

Recently noticed that I have been drinking expired coffee for the last five months and I am not dead.. (yet)

current indulgence

some genius decided to put a crepe truck on my way to class on the day that I go to class at the time that I go to class...Sounds like the destiny wants me to bring a  Nutella banana strawberry crepe to my life

current favorite app

I have been snap-chatting A LOT lately... and I only have like 5 contacts... I predict that they will get tired of seeing 5 pics of Kato per day very soon

current wish list item(s)

I developed a weird fascination with the fancy tea served in the Wynn
I want to buy all the tea from the website but I cannot bring  myself to morally justify the inflated  price tag.

current book(s)

Beautiful Ruins

  • The Dinner, Koch, Herman: 
Great psychological Dutch novel with a lot of twists and dark surprises. The protagonist and narrator is a really complex person and getting into his mind and unveiling his secrets is quite the experience. The setting is simple: A couple meets for dinner to discuss recent happenings affecting their sons.

  • Beautiful Ruins Walter, Jess
Light beach read, traces the interlocking life of many different and compelling characters across many centuries. It has its funny and touching moments. 
An Actress filming a movie in Italy crosses paths with an Italian in-keeper, the book mixes present times  and flash backs  to reveal the story. 
Although some of the characters seemed to be caricatures, it all works for the book. Now I am adding cinque terre to my travel list.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Trivial Happenings

Pictures detailing the happenings of the past two weeks.

  • More snow and back to school for one more semester. I couldn't be any more thrilled.

  • I went to a masquerade ball and the whole time I felt like I was in a Gossip Girl episode.  

  •  Although I don't think Blair Waldorf  would approve of the way I gorged on the chocolate fountains.

  • Kato has been doing a lot of sleeping lately. But I guess that's not news.

  • New Trader joes favorite product: 100% carrot juice. Not as good as making it fresh but saves me A LOT of time buying,  washing , cutting, squeezing and cleaning... totally worth my $2

  • The Odious winter wonderland continues. And, since driving in the snow is not dangerous enough I take pictures of my commute. 

  • Valentine's days also brought Teddy who had to fly straight from work without luggage or winter clothes. He had to wear my winter hat which made him look like a very refined hipster lesbian .

  • He was very excited about it

  • Being snowed in meant playing chess for hours. I still cannot get over how cool my Inca vs Conquistador Chess set is.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Currently. - February 2014 Edition

Current Books
1. Too Much Happines by Alice Munro : Following the raving recommendation from my sister I decided to read this one. I am not craaaaazy about it. Great writing for sure but there is something about the short stories that leave me unfulfilled.  The character introduction is amazing and I feel like I've known these characters all my life.  however there is not really a story to it... every story leaves  me asking "And then?"

2.Started The third and final book of the divergent trilogy "Allegiant" by Veronica Roth. The first too books were okay and I felt like the premise was interesting but for some reason I haven't really been hooked with this one. I blame it on the new narrator...Feels different. I might try again later... haven't lost all faith 

3. How I live now by Meg Rosoff - I have no idea how this one got to my library list but the internet informs me that there was a movie made about it starring the ugly girl from Atonement. The book is sooo bad.  Life is too short to read bad books so I am officially quitting at page 50.

Current Playlist
I've been listening to Price Royce non-stop... "Solo quiero darte un beso" so catchy and happy making

Current Frustration:
Not being able to score more than 10 points on Flappy Bird. I am convinced that this game was coded by the Devil himself. I wish candy crush would release new levels so that I could go back to a stupid little game that I actually enjoy

Current Food:
Its Girl scout cookie season!! this year samoas are called "caramel delights" . I dont care about the name. I still love them..

Current needs:
I need a new car.  We have had about 5 snow emergencies in the last few weeks plus constant snow and ice every single day. I think its time to upgrade to an AWD, Skidding in the ice was fun when I was a reckless twentynager but now I need a decent snow drive

Current banes of my existence:
i went to trader joes and got myself the most beautiful broccoli that ever walked the surface of the earth.
And then I proceeded to overcook it and ruin it.  I didn't know cooking broccoli was so freaking hard!!.
I ended up making it into a broccoli soup and sulk while I ate it...

Current TV show
I checked out "Orphan Black" from the library. Its so goood.. I was planning to watch one episode before doing homework and then it was midnight and I had watched the first 4 episodes non stop. Highly recommended.

Although it is a skill that I would not recommend even  to my worst enemy, I had became  proficient at shoveling snow. I impress myself every single snow storm. I no longer need to accept the help from my creepy neighbors. 

Current favorite quote
"I went to collect the few personal belongings which I held to be invaluable: My cat, my resolve to travel and my solitude' - Collette.
That was a smart woman... I want to  read one of her books but French novelists scare me a little bit

Current outfit
New pajamas and Matching slippers. Christmas gift from my BFF piper 

Current Mood
So very tired of the winter... can we fast forward to the spring? This whole polar vortex thing is getting on my nerves...